Who We Are

AAEM-LG exists to facilitate relationships between top tier emergency physicians and clients.

President's Message

Dear Physicians, Hospitals, and Locum Tenens Companies:

The state of the locum tenens market is weak. There is a paucity of jobs, and reimbursement rates are low. As physicians, we don't know if we are being treated fairly. Meanwhile locum companies and hospitals have difficulty staffing a quality physician for the rates being offered. What remains is a sentiment of mutual distrust. Enter the American Academy of Emergency Medicine Locum Group (AAEM-LG). We exist because we feel matching a physician with a job should be conducted with more dignity than a used car deal. As the AAEM-LG Board of Directors President, I know through honest transparent conversation that all parties can win. Welcome to what I hope is a referendum on how locum tenens is conducted. Read more