Who We Are

AAEM-LG exists to facilitate relationships between top tier emergency physicians and clients.

CMO's Message

Dear Hospitals, Physician groups, and Locum Companies,

So much has changed in the last year! Locum Tenens is stronger than it has ever been. Clients who made cuts to survive the pandemic are now short staffed.  Hospital systems are stretched thin. Reimbursement rates are higher than they have ever been and Locum Tenens is back as a superb way to practice medicine. As of this writing there are locums jobs across the country in every region. What hasn’t changed is that as physicians we don't know if we are being treated fairly. On the other side of the table, there is still the problem of  locum companies and hospitals not being able to find enough quality physicians available to work.  What is left is a situation of mutual distrust where neither party comes out ahead. Enter the American Academy of Emergency Medicine Locum Group (AAEM-LG). We exist because we feel that matching a physician with a job should be conducted better than a used car deal. I as the AAEM-LG board of directors president know that through honest transparent conversation all parties can work together and win. Welcome to what I hope is a referendum on how locum tenens is conducted. Read more.