AAEM-LG CMO's Message to Physicians

Dear Doctors,

So much has changed in the last year! Locum Tenens is stronger than it has ever been. Clients who made cuts to survive the pandemic are now short staffed. Hospital systems are stretched thin. Reimbursement rates are higher than they have ever been and Locum Tenens is back as a superb way to practice medicine. As of this writing there are locums jobs across the country in every region. What hasn’t changed is that as physicians we don't know if we are being treated fairly. On the other side of the table, there is still the problem of  locum companies and hospitals not being able to find enough quality physicians available to work. What is left is a situation of mutual distrust where neither party comes out ahead.  Enter the American Academy of Emergency Medicine Locum Group (AAEM-LG). We exist because we feel that matching a physician with a job should be conducted better than a used car deal.  I as the AAEM-LG board of directors president know that through honest transparent conversation all parties can work together and win. Welcome to what I hope is a referendum on how locum tenens is conducted.

Locum tenens is a lifestyle. From the moonlighting resident, the “pit doc” looking to supplement their income, or the full time traveling provider; locum tenens means freedom. Freedom to live in the town you want, regardless of the local EM market conditions. Freedom to walk away from that full time job that’s always been just “good enough.” Freedom to work fewer shifts per month and focus on what matters in your life. Freedom to see “what’s out there”.   

Having said that, locums can be a scary place.  Negotiating the job shouldn't be. When you are entering a new marketplace it's hard to know what your worth is. When dealing with a recruiter it's hard to know if they are telling you everything. AAEM Locum Group strives to make this conversation more straightforward by partnering with locum agencies that have met rigorous standards to wear the badge "AAEM-LG Compliant." This means that you know not only what you are making, but also what the agency is making.  You know what your malpractice costs are and whether or not travel and lodging is included without having to deal with nebulous contract language.  We also feel that non restrictive covenants are an important part of a good physician-agency relationship so you will never be considered "represented" by a locum agency without your express written permission that is site and offer specific. Additionally if you do want to go work for a client after months of loyalty we don't feel that a prohibitive buyout clause should get in the way. We espouse the values of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine and see emergency physicians as more than just warm bodies filling a slot. All providers are not created or trained equally and we recognize the value of a board certified physician that has put in tens of thousands of hours to attain mastery of the practice of emergency care.   

AAEM-LG strives to change the marketplace for Locum Tenens by attaining market share and influencing the way business is conducted. We will show that transparency, ethical integrity and competency are the only way to ensure that patients, hospitals and physicians win. 

Very Respectfully,

Rob Mohr M.D.