Our Partner

Burlington Healthcare Providers

AAEM-LG, in partnership with Burlington Healthcare Providers (BHP), offers complete transparency to both physician and hospital leading to a better clinical match and better value for all parties.

Partnership Highlights

  • BHP
    • Boutique recruiting and locum tenens agency, established in 2002, with a focus on Emergency Medicine since 2009
    • Transparent and lowest fee’s in the industry ($30/hr)
    • President/Owner of BHP is former ED/Trauma RN
  • AAEM-LG and BHP share the values of transparency, providing top tier physicians to its clients, providing fair wage for Emergency physicians while simultaneously providing a cost-effective solution to our clients
  • Unlike MSP (Managed Service Providers) or VMS (Vendor Management System) that charge membership fees and retain up to 5% of the total bill rate, the BHP and AAEM-LG partnership DOES NOT increase cost to the client!
  • Already having the lowest locums fees in the industry, BHP is not raising its $30/hr fee, rather, it is reducing it by 10% for all AAEM-PG clients.  
  • Also, 20% of BHP’s fee will be shared with AAEM-LG for all newly established contracts during this partnership
  • 20% of BHP perm placement fee is also shared with AAEM-LG during this partnership
  • AAEM-LG and BHP are seeking input/leads/referrals from physicians throughout the country…physician groups, Hospitals, Emergency Departments, etc. that could benefit from the services of an AAEM vetted physician recruiting and locum tenens agency (BHP), for providing top tier, residency trained, ABEM/AOBEM board certified physicians. All while receiving transparent pricing/fees at the lowest rates in the industry!
  • The AAEM-LG and BHP partnership can be instrumental in resetting the recruiting and staffing landscape for Emergency Departments and Emergency Medicine physicians. To do this, we need to hear your stories and need you to share our model, services, expertise with the decision makers in your ED’s and Hospitals.

Learn More About BHP

To learn more about BHP, please visit BHP's website.