ED Groups/Hospitals

AAEM-LG is committed to bringing transparency to the locum-tenens market for physicians and hospitals alike. We facilitate fair and transparent relationships between high-quality, board-certified emergency physicians and hospitals and independent emergency medicine staffing groups.

Why We Exist

The typical process of hiring a locum physician can feel a bit like negotiating with a used car salesman. AAEM-LG was formed with the recognition that the market is in need of serious reform with transparency and quality at the core.

Who We Serve

AAEM-LG serves hospitals and independent emergency department physician groups. Whether you are routinely short staffed or have sudden staffing needs that arise such as due maternity or unexpected death or illness, we are here to help you!

How We are Different

AAEM-LG, in partnership with Burlington Healthcare Providers (BHP), offers complete transparency to both physician and hospital leading to a better clinical match and better value for all parties. A flat $30/hr margin is charged from the bill-rate. In contrast, most locum companies and recruiters are incentivized through commissions to charge the highest bill-rate to the hospital or ED client, while hiring a physician for the lowest rate possible, keeping a non-transparent margin, leading to distrust and feelings of exploitation on all sides and leading to lower quality care. With AAEM-LG, both the physician and hospital or ED group can be assured that no games are being played.  

Typical locum groups require prohibitive buy-outs to hire a physician full-time even after years of service, effectively preventing good matches from turning into long-term employment. AAEM-LG with BHP has negotiated a diminishing buyout over time for AAEM-Physician Groups to ZERO dollars for qualified clients including AAEM-PG groups, safety net hospitals, and critical access hospitals directly employing physicians.

How to Get Started

Please email Robert Mohr, MD FAAEM, Chief Medical Officer of AAEM-LG, to set up a time to discuss your staffing needs and how AAEM-LG can support your organization.